Coffee is a favorite drink for people all over the world and the coffee maker has been around a long time. At its beginning the coffee maker was just a pot that sat over a fire and boiled water with the coffee grounds in it. As technology has advanced, so has the coffee maker. Now the coffee is made with a coffee maker that can be programmed to grind the beans, add the water and start brewing at a specific time. There are so many types of coffee makers that it is actually a big decision when deciding on which type to buy.

Types Of Coffee Makers
The kind of coffee one prefers is the first step when making a coffee maker decision. The most popular type of coffee maker involves pots that generally make from two to twelve cups and they can keep coffee hot for a desired period of time. The coffee maker uses ground coffee that can be purchased or it is prepared with a separate home coffee grinder. This coffee maker comes as either drip or percolator or French press.

The second type of coffee maker is the expresso. It is fancy and can be costly. With this type, people can have the beans ground by the maker, brewed and the finished coffee poured into a cup. Most expresso makers make one cup of coffee that is very strong including cappuccino and lattes. The coffee maker does require cleaning after each use.

There is also a combination coffee maker that makes regular coffee and also expresso.

A newer favorite coffee maker is the pod which uses a single serving pod for the brew. There are numerous flavors available for this type of coffee. The coffee maker is often inexpensive but the pods can be costly.

Amount of Coffee Consumed
If a quick cup of coffee is desired prior to leaving for work, then a smaller coffee maker of two to four cups would probably work or the expresso which makes one cup. If a larger amount of coffee is needed throughout the day, then a coffee maker that has multiple selections in the number of cups would be best.

Coffee preferences, budget and quantity of coffee to be made are all factors that affect the decision making process. The more features a coffee maker has the more the cost. A drip coffee maker with minimal features can cost around $25 while a coffee maker that grinds beans, adds water and pours into a cup can cost hundreds of dollars. The final cost decision depends on convenience needs as well as budget.

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